Setting Printers though Group Policy…an encore

Well, I know its been a long time since my last published blog post! The truth is Ive been working on a few for a while now – but just never got round to finishing any of them.

Heres the first of my next batch… a return to an earlier thread of posts, originally related to Printing on Remote Desktop.

First, a bit of background… traditionally, most systems will be set up to map printers via a logon script. The script typically checks a machine name and adds the appropriate printers based on that.

Because I was adding some Wyse Thin Clients into that mix, the old machine naming thing doesnt work, so we have to start looking at grouping users. Thankfully – Group Policy Preferences covers this. That was my last post on the subject.

Now, I like completeness and uniformity across the system – so the fact that part of the system had printers set through group membership and a group policy preference that checked that membership; whilst the rest used a script was a faff! Add to that that our Windows Thin PC remote desktop terminals had a different way – they had to use a startup script meant that any changes meant three different sets of updates.

Well, in the bin that went after following up the capabilities of the Group Policy Printing Preferences a bit more… it became clear that we could also use the same kind of machine name based check in there too.

Next up, just the Windows Thin PCs. Actually, they were even simpler as Microsoft have done their homework on this. There is actually an option for Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) Client name. Bingo… as our Thin PCs also used a sensible naming convention, we could target based on this

A bit of bedtime reading on this – heres a good article found whilst researching writing this up.…echnology.html

This is a great resource to use for lots of VDI and Remote Desktop updates…


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