System Centre Configuration Manager 2012 R2 – Post Upgrade

Back to an old topic for me…my love of all things System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM). I first started working with this product back in the heady SMS days, and have now installed a fair few implementations of the various newer versions of SCCM. My most recent work has actually – for once – been on my own native system! I know…get me!

Originally installed as a 2007 system back in 2011; it has been “migrated” to 2012, then through the Service Packs of that version until most recently the upgrade (thank you Microsoft for listening after the pain of 2007 to 2012) to 2012 R2.

So, this post is going to cover some of the things Ive learnt since this upgrade that are “a bit of a pain”…and fixing them (where you can).

1. “Object Replication Manager failed to process Object changes. These changes will be retried on next processing cycle.”

Seeing this gem constantly in your Component Status against Object Replication Manger? Prepare to get down and dirty with SQL to fix this one… (at your own risk…)

CCM-SCCM1The root cause of the issue according to Microsoft is an assignment to a collection that no longer exists. So – using SQL queries in SQL Management Studio – lets hunt the offender down…

Get Management Studio open, and go down to your database (usually got CCM in the name) and open a new query. Type the following:

select ca.*

, c.[CollectionName]

from vClientSettingsAssignments as ca

LEFT JOIN collections AS c

ON ca.CollectionID = c.SiteID

Run it, and look for anything which says “NULL” in the “Collection Name” field. Thats our offender(s)…so time to shift them…

Type the following:

delete from vClientSettingsAssignments where UniqueID = ‘your-guid-here’

Make sure that you put the  ‘ marks around your GUID – which is the second column. Repeat as required!

2. Post R2 RTM Upgrades

Since I started writing this there is now only one upgrade you need to worry about – and that is CU1.

Yes, there is an updated client…so time to play with your Task Sequences for installation of it at OSD time.

Annoyingly, CU1 is an update not an upgrade – which means that the nice feature to auto upgrade clients will not deal with this one. For full details on the differences and how to handle it – I recommend this great post from the guys in the know!




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